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Level zero : DEMO Robotics workshop

Objective :
  • Complete introduction to robotics
  • Live Demo and explanation of robots

The demo robotics workshop consists of following. The Demo workshop will give a complete kick start for robotics for students with concepts and live demos.

Demo Robots
  • BEAM Micro robots
  • IR based Wireless controlled mobile robots with wheels
  • RF wireless based mobile robots with limbs
  • Limb manipulatable mobile robot with varying movement scheme
  • Multi Robot with wireless control from computer
  • Different Sensor based Robots
Talk Contents:
  • Basics of Robotics
  • Why Robotics is important
  • Mechanical Perspective: Building a simple BEAM robot, mobile robot, pick and place robot and Humanoid.
  • Electrical, Electronics and Communication Perspective: Micro controllers, ICs, relays, breadboard, RF, Bluetooth and other communication modules
  • Computer Science Perspective: Micro controller programming, Control of robots through computers, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Robot Learning, Robot software, Image processing
  • Research areas
  • Higher education in Robotics (Universities and research work) India and Abroad
  • Job Opportunities in India and Abroad
  • Discussion, Questions
  • Robotics related videos
  • Interesting robots in the world
  • Robots made in India, IITM and by Balaji Lakshmanan

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