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Level Three: Two days Advanced Embedded Robotics workshop

Robotics workshop

Objective :
  • Complete kick start for embedded systems and robotics.
  • Educate students on basic understanding of important topics in embedded systems and robotics
  • Make the resume of students better and create a better employability for students
  • Encourage students to continuously work on embedded/ robotics projects
  • Encourage students to take part in competitions

The students will get complete hands on to.

  • Make a mobile differential drive robot from scratch and learn basics of robot making
  • Use electronic components to drive the robot
  • Connect the robot to the computer and control the robot from computers
  • Program the robot to do different functionalities autonomously
  • Relay control of electrical equipments from computer
  • Wireless control of robots
  • Making the mobility robot to play football and cricket
  • Students can work using the kit after the workshop and use the components for other projects
  • The workshop is to the point and hands on.


Components :

  • ATmega development board and interface cable
    • Custom Design
    • Easy to use board with multiple Vcc, Gnd and pin combinations for convenient plug and use
    • Modular design for multipurpose and scalability

  • Two standard robotic motors
  • Two wheels with connectors to the motors
  • Four flexi metal limbs for the robot
  • Caser wheel
  • Robot platform structure
  • Motor driver board
  • Two IR sensor pair
  • Temperature analog sensor
  • LCD display
  • Multiple LEDs
  • Multimeter
  • Battery
  • Wire Cutter
  • Screw driver
  • Wires and other misc components
  • CD with the required software, relevant material, sample programs
  • Certificate for the Advanced Embedded Robotics workshop
Day1 Session 1
  • Introduction to Embedded systems and Robotics
  • Why Embedded systems and robotics is important
  • Work done by us in the field of embedded systems and robotics.
  • Introduction to microcontrollers and microprocessor
  • Basics and pin configuration of ATMega series of microcontrollers
  • Hands on understanding the design of ATMega development board designed by Geeky Technology
  • Setting up the ATMega Development board
Day1 session2
  • Introduction to Embedded C
  • Hands on Programming the ATMega series of microcontrollers
  • Building a mobile robot
  • Interfacing and controlling the robot from the microcontroller
Day2 session1
  • Introduction to sensors
  • Introduction to wireless technologies
  • Interfacing digital sensors to the robot and ATmega board
  • Interfacing analog sensors to the robot and ATmega board
  • Programming with embedded C
Day2 session2
  • Making obstacle avoider robot
  • Making line follower robots
  • Making a temperature sensing / analog sensor robot

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