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Level Two: Two days Hands On Wireless Computer controlled Football/ Cricket player

Robotics workshop

Objective :
  • Hands on robot making and controlling it from Computer wirelessly. Modify the robot for different functionalities. Enthusing students to continue working in Robotics, take part in competitions, keep doing projects.

The students will get complete hands on to.

  • Make a mobile differential drive robot from scratch and learn basics of robot making
  • Use electronic components to drive the robot
  • Connect the robot to the computer and control the robot from computers
  • Program the robot to do different functionalities autonomously
  • Relay control of electrical equipments from computer
  • Wireless control of robots
  • Making the mobility robot to play football and cricket
  • Students can work using the kit after the workshop and use the components for other projects
  • The workshop is to the point and hands on.

Using the kit make all the following robot and electrical equipment control

Components along with the Kit :

  • PCB circuits board
  • Electronic ICs for the motor driver
  • Port connector
  • Port control cable to activate the robot
  • Battier and battery holder
  • Wire stripper
  • Screw driver
  • Misc materials for robot making
  • Basics of Robotics
  • Why Robotics is important
  • Mechanical Perspective: Building a simple BEAM robot, mobile robot, pick and place robot and Humanoid.
  • Electrical, Electronics and Communication Perspective: Micro controllers, ICs, relays, breadboard, RF, Bluetooth and other communication modules
  • Computer Science Perspective: Micro controller programming, Control of robots through computers, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Robot Learning, Robot software, Image processing
  • Research areas
  • Higher education in Robotics (Universities and research work) India and Abroad
  • Job Opportunities in India and Abroad
  • Discussion, Questions
  • Robotics related videos
  • Interesting robots in the world
  • Robots made in India, IITM and by Balaji Lakshmanan
  • Mechanical: Making the Robot Model
    • Make a robot model using motors, wheels, chassis, caster wheel.
    • Concepts explained – Different types of motors and their utility, gears, pulley, chain sprocket system, size of robot and wheel, stability, Load capacity etc
    • Videos of different types of mobile robots

  • Electronics: Control circuitry, integration
    • Electrical connection between motors, ICs, ports, battery.
    • Explanation in detail :Relays, motor driver, sensors , micro controller

  • Computer Science: Controlling the Robot from Computer
    • Parallel port, Serial port connections, settings
    • Basic program to control the robot (Windows and Linux)
    • About Tools and softwares for robotics ( Player Stage, Gazeebo, Microsoft Robotics Studio)
    • Extension and Integration to Image processing, networking, AI

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